Life is limitless.

Intuition tells me I do have a soul. Even with all my tuition to the contrary, I feel the stir of dust under my foot and know that the track is mine. That that print is the same one in my memory. That this path is the way I am going.

An existentialist might say

“I think, therefore I am”

but that path is the way of tuition. On the path of intuition one says,

“I am, therefore I think”

The first path leaves you open to an ambush of diminishment on the grounds that you don’t think. Intellectually and thus spiritually, emotionally and thus bodily you could fade to an existentialists nightmare. As a semi autonomous human being you might fail any test of your teacher, mother, accuser or judge. If they so chose.

Even if our existentialist was free to choose to not have to choose and understood everyone who would stand over him and declared his destiny his one true possession in the now, he is not alone in his thoughts and deeds and community and they don’t all think like he in this world. If he is prevented from feeling this destiny he thinks he decides, then he becomes in doubt as to who he is.

‘I think, therefore I am’ reflects uncertainty in the speaker as apposed to any certainty implied and certainly that assumed by common consent.

“I am” is incontrovertible. “Therefore I…” has true autonomy to think, feel, emote, have my soul respected and move my feet upon my path. My wholeness is harboured within the inviolable fact of “I am”. No one can challenge it except by death and even then it would be hypocrisy to deny respect to what and who was before regarded as worthy of fear enough to kill in the first place.

“I am” cannot take similar refuge behind “I think” because every I think is a variable and subjective threat easily put down as a proof for another’s lie and a target of another’s tongue. You cannot prove your worth to another and thus modify their behaviours towards you if they don’t wish to hear what you think or they think you should not exist.

The difference therefore between “I am” and “I think I am” is the difference between intuition and tuition, between THE truth and A truth. It is the difference between response-ability and responsibility, between mentor and tormentor. The difference between “I love you and can amend myself if you can” and “I don’t care that you even lived”. Between people having to accept me as I am and choosing not to because of who they are.