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Think once, cut twice, always learn!

While you are considering whether to start, how to start or what to do… STOP THINKING! And just START. Start this online course, talk to the girl whose Facebook profile you are stalking every night, write your thoughts in a Medium article, start the business idea you have always wanted!

“I don’t know how?” is not an excuse! You won’t learn anything while you are laying in your bed and staring at the ceiling. You will need EXPERIENCE. You need to work, test, try and see what works for you. There is not a unique solution! Everyone has its own path and we need to find out how to live our own life.

I am going to flip the above statement a little bit. Everyone has its own path but many of the problems that you are facing, someone else, before you, has already solved them. It is of big importance to focus on people who managed to go through difficult situations (similar to yours) and learn about their techniques. Might not work? Then learn and KEEP GOING!

During my whole life I have always wanted to succeed, but in what? I have wanted to be the best, but where? During the summer of 2016, I manage to answer these questions and much more. Now I know exactly what I want and I am working hard to achieve it. Confused, uncertain, nervous — yes, now I am feeling all of these. Know how to do it — no, passionate — yes, obsessed — absolutely! During the last couple of months, I gained so much knowledge that helped me going through lots of my problems. I have learned about entrepreneurship, business and, most importantly, life!

Two quite influential people helped me through the beginning of my journey. Evan (youtube) and Gary Vaynerchuk (Facebook) are such an awesome people who provide so much value. They taught me so many lessons through their youtube videos and social accounts that I couldn’t be happier and more thankful. I am so glad that we live in a century where you can reach out to people who are thousands of kilometers away, you haven’t seen in person and you haven’t even visited their country.

Evan is a wonderful person who provides so incredible videos that worth watching. Structured, useful and targeted information that cannot be found anywhere throughout the whole internet. He is a great motivation for entrepreneurs and everyone can learn something new from him. About Gary… he is just ‘garyvee’ — one of the greatest businessmen of all time. So much passion, energy, and confidence in one person — incredible.

I am really thankful to these guys (and much more), who don’t even know me but provide so much value to my life. I desperately want, in the near future, to be able to give them back something from my experience and knowledge. Of course, I need to HUSTLE a lot to achieve this!

I am ending with my opening phrase — Think only once, work many times and learn each time before and after your action!

Much love,

Simeon Kostadinov