I had a COVID booster shot today and I’m wondering how I will feel tomorrow?.

The last shot put me in bed for a few days and I’ve heard the booster will knock one around.

Living in a country that is thirty years behind the rest of the world sucks and I’m amazed that our government doesn’t just move to France:)

I’m at home with my fractured mind and oblique personality – while your at work, making money for what I don’t know.

Laugh -

It’s the quiet times I like the most and I’m becoming calm again – now that I’m not drinking.

Who really needs it?.

But I saw you at the grocery store and my goodness you looked sloppy. Without a brain life is neural network ‘ aggressive outlook mindset ‘.

Life is hard and buddy it’s obvious your life has been difficult.

So has mine – ive failed a few times.

I have recovered again and ill use my experience of failure ‘not to do that again.

Did you know that booze intake went up over during lockdown?. I drank myself stupid. Many others did the same.

In not drinking now and my mission in life is to keep away from pissheads.

Previous life – ill put down to youth and I’m not talking to anyone with circular thinking.

He thinks people care and he is delusional about that. The girl behind the counter will not give you countenance and the Greek drug dealer was a bit of a bad guy.

But laughing my head off at your attempts at conversation.

I would have fucked you but your non-friend (frenemy )was a bitch and pretty soon I’ll be able to stop killing you.

Intrepid -

Hillbilly Hipster

Hillbilly Hipster


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