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Mar 30, 2018 · 4 min read

As a longtime journalist who’s written for national publications including US News & World Report, The Atlantic, Scientific American, and New York Magazine, I’ve spent my entire career creating and marketing content so millions of people would want to read and share it. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 brands to develop their digital content and social media strategies, and I’ve conducted PR campaigns that resulted in client coverage at the world’s largest blogs and news outlets.

I can use these journalism and social media marketing skills to develop content for your brand and ensure that this content reaches the influencers and target demographics within your industry. Please review my offered services below and don’t hesitate to contact me at simonowens@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Freelance Journalism

As a journalist, I’ve written feature-length articles for The Atlantic, New York magazine, Politico, Scientific American, Forbes, PBS.org, and US News & World Report. I can file articles on a freelance basis for your news organization. I can write analysis pieces (check out this article for New York magazine) or feature-length articles (check out this article for Scientific American). I specialize in writing about technology and media, but I can cover a variety of subjects.

Blog Management/Content Marketing/Thought Leadership

As a journalist and marketer, I’ve helped develop engaging content ranging from static infographics to 5,000-word articles. I can leverage these skills to:

  • Manage company blogs: I will conduct a detailed audit and research into your industry to find what kind of content it finds most engaging and then produce that content for your blog or publication. This might involve writing the content myself or recruiting and managing already-established niche writers. I will also work closely with your website’s developers to optimize the blog for maximum shareability. Very slight tweaks in how your content is presented can increase the number of shares or the chances that someone will subscribe to one of your social channels.
  • Thought leadership/ghostwriting: It’s now necessary for many professional executives to regularly engage in online thought leadership, whether it’s writing regular columns for major outlets or crafting blog posts for the company website. Many of these executives, however, are too busy and lack experience writing content for a public audience. I can work closely with these executives to glean their professional insights and convert them into ghost-written articles they can publish under their own bylines.
  • Case studies: It’s very common for clients to connect me directly to their best customers and partners. I then interview those customers and produce case study articles of their work.
  • White papers: I’ve had clients who have conducted more formal research, either by funding academic studies or running their own surveys. I can either write articles summarizing that research or craft entire white papers from scratch.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Creating compelling content is only half the battle. You also have to find ways to deliver that content to the social media streams of your customers and industry leaders, i.e. the people you want to influence. My services can include:

  • Social media intelligence: Sometimes you can handle the management of social media accounts internally, you just need someone to identify where your target demographics are online and the best practices for reaching them. I can perform a detailed audit, examining your marketing goals and determining which communities you should focus on and the best methods for engaging their users. This will involve identifying the key influencers within your industry and leveraging search tools to analyze their followers and topic focus. I can then create a detailed plan for how to reach these users and place your brand in the conversation.
  • Social media management: This is a more hands-on approach where I play a role in managing your day-to-day social media presence and incorporate it into your larger content strategy.
  • Social media advertising: Though it’s possible to grow organically on social media, it’s often a slow process, so spending some money toward targeted social media advertising can boost your reach and influence much more efficiently than standard display or print advertising.
  • Newsletter management: Newsletters are the bedrock of any digital marketing strategy. I’m familiar with most major email marketing distributors and can both write and manage your newsletters.

Public Speaking/In-Person Staff Training

Perhaps you want your entire staff trained on social media management and best practices. Or you’re organizing an event where you need someone to speak on marketing, content, or digital media. I can prepare a presentation and talk that’s tailored to your needs.

Public Relations

I have relationships with and have successfully pitched journalists and bloggers at many of the largest media outlets in the world. I can work with you to develop a media relations strategy and create news and content that journalists will want to cover.

Feel free to contact me at simonowens@gmail.com if you’d like to learn more.

Simon Owens

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Tech and media journalist. Email me: simonowens@gmail.com

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