Ten Times Bitcoin Earnings?

Disclaimer: the value of coins can go down as well as up. Past results are not a guarantee of future performance. Also, the Bitcoin Enhanced coin may be restricted in some jurisdictions.

Can you earn 10 times the price gains of Bitcoin? The Bitcoin Enhanced coin tracks the value of Bitcoin except when it forecasts that Bitcoin prices are likely to fall. If Bitcoin does fall during a forecast period then the Bitcoin Enhanced coin rises by the same percentage that Bitcoin fell. Conversely if Bitcoin’s price rose during a forecast period then the Bitcoin Enhanced price falls by a corresponding amount. When a forecast period is over Bitcoin Enhanced continues to track the percentage changes in the Bitcoin price, but now with a multiplier based on whether previous forecasts have been successful.

In essence the Bitcoin Enhanced coin takes Bitcoin’s notorious volatility and turns it to positive effect. Because Bitcoin’s value has risen so dramatically since 2009 the compounding effect of turning just some of this volatility around is astounding.

For example on 13th September 2013 $5.93 would have bought you one Bitcoin. By 14th February 2018 the value of your coin had risen to $9,071, an average annual increase of 237%. Not a bad investment. However during the same period the value of a Bitcoin Enhanced coin would have risen to $136,741, an average annual increase of 21,265%. In this simulation the value of Bitcoin Enhanced improved the value of Bitcoin by a multiple of 15.

Simulated value of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Enhanced coins purchased on 13th September 2013 and redeemed 14th February 2018

If the price of a Bitcoin continues to grow at this rate in 5 years’ time a single coin will be worth $107,491.35. At the same time, if for modesty’s sake, we forecast that Bitcoin Enhanced will improve upon this value by a factor of 10 rather than 15, then the price of a Bitcoin Enhanced coin at the end of the same period would be $1,074,913.50

Many attempts have been made to improve upon Bitcoin. They include Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Private. But until now no one has thought to tackle the thorny issue of Bitcoin’s volatility. Simulated returns over the last 6 years suggest that forecasting Bitcoin’s price falls may be the most profitable approach to date.

Bitcoin has lost >60% of its value seven times in the last seven years

As the Bitcoin Enhanced coin is essentially a derivative of Bitcoin there will be no ICO, air drop or other launch method that could dilute the coin’s value. Instead prior to the launch investors will be able to purchase options to buy later at the coin’s present price. This means that, for a small down payment, investors can lock-in any gains the coin makes between the time the option is purchased and when the coin is bought. You can leave your email on the Bitcoin Enhanced website to be notified when the option program becomes available.

Bitcoin Enhanced website https://bitcoinenhanced.io/

If you believe the decentralised structure of Bitcoin keeps it out of reach of regulators then Bitcoin Enhanced is worth considering. If you believe the dramatic increase in money supply being perpetuated by governments is unsustainable then Bitcoin Enhanced represents an alternative store of value. Like Bitcoin the supply of Bitcoin Enhanced coins will be limited to just 21 million. And like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Enhanced will be run by its community. In today’s world so much of what happens to us depends upon what we believe. Bitcoin Enhanced provides another opportunity to put your beliefs into action.