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The next step for ECOCIDE LAW 
Some of you may recall when we invited Polly Higgins over to Malta for 1 week to share awareness that Ecocide is a Crime Many of you showed interest and wanted to know how you can ACT and make it happen. Well now you can by becoming a trustee of the Mission LifeForce

Mission Life Force — are you in?

The key importance of the Small Island Developing States

There are 57 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and a number of other States designated as “climate vulnerable”. These States are at the sharp end of climate ecocide (extreme weather, rising sea levels) as well as suffering ecological ecocide at the hands of corporations (eg palm oil deforestation, chemical contamination). They therefore have an immediate incentive to propose an amendment adding ecocide to the Rome Statute. And because of the one-state, one-vote structure of the International Criminal Court (ICC), they also have the collective signatory power to progress it fast.

Getting to the meeting table at the ICC is expensive however, and there will be powerful interests preferring to make backroom deals and bilateral agreements to discourage States from taking action.

This is where Mission LifeForce can make all the difference. The contribution and participation of many thousands of legal trustees across the globe shall provide the support of funds and visibility, creating a safe and transparent space for those States with the courage to take the legal fast lane. With all of us behind them, they can stand strong and move forward without compromise, in public view and with public support.

The Mission has begun. Every Earth Protector signing up at MissionLifeForce.org helps strengthen the platform on which conscientious protectors can stand to resist ecocide in their communities. Every gift when signing up helps small, climate vulnerable states get to key meetings of the International Criminal Court where they have the power to introduce ecocide as an international crime. This is the legal — and moral — fast lane… to a law that protects our Earth and our communities. Are you with us? Accept the Mission from anywhere in the world and become an Earth Protector.

This is one mission to share but before you do, read the website and watch the videos to see the epic work that Polly and team have dedicated to getting this Law closer than ever before.

The Trust Fund shall be used to finance the costs of those small States with the courage to advance ecocide law at the International Criminal Court.


Share to all you know and take a moment to head over to the website and make your pledge, its a minimum of €5 — the cost of a tea to bring this Law into the world.

What will this change? 
At present, the law permits dangerous industrial activity which we know to be harmful, while criminalising activists who stand up to protect the earth and their communities. To disrupt this cycle of harm requires a new law to be put in place, making ecocide a crime….

As an Earth Trustee you are part of a fast growing world-wide community of Earth Protectors: a legal rebel alliance, defending the conscientious protectors, funding the protection of our Earth, helping to make ecocide a crime.

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