My Creator, My Mum

Green Smoothie time continues everyday. I decided to surprise my creator (Mum) and turn up at the front door rather than online with our arranged Skype cafe meeting. It was way too long since I gave this beautiful soul a real hug and shower her with love and green smoothies.

I grew inside her belly for 9months and she has given me life / of course with my Pappas contribution to the process also.

Green Love Magic

Bonita — that’s her name in this dimension; is now an elder, she deserves my acknowledgment and appreciation for giving me life.

My mum is challenged with personal and social oppression, my visit was timely as I was able to reflect to her through ‘sharing transparent communication’ and creating a safe space so we could look within. I was feeling sadness and wanted this time to truly listen and understand what my mum is feeling and experiencing — we spoke about death and I shared how I feel by watching her die. We have been friends for many years and it’s always been my intention to respect and honour her as my creator. She knows everything about me and through this authentic communication that I practice and call ‘transparent communication’ our bond is so beautiful — so real and so full of loving compassion that by having this connection in the here and now, together we transcend the concept of death and live in the realm of gratitude. Will there be e-motion flowing through me when she leaves the body? I don’t doubt it. But will I feel at peace in that moment because of how we loved and lived? I can guarantee it.

Often we go on our missions and forget about the elders, our parents, our creators — we don’t have to change them or expect them to be different — we just have to love them unconditionally and acknowledge them with gratitude for creating us. This may be from afar, they may have already died; if so we can still do it as I do to my father who died in 2014. I still thank him in my daily meditations for co-creating me. I never knew him but he lives inside of me.

A dedication to my mum
while she is alive — let’s not wait till our parents, friends or any other die before we acknowledge them xxx

Blessings to you all — shine on in truth

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