My Passion for Transparency

Some of you know my passion is “Transparent Communication” many of you will not know exactly what this means as the name can sound quite ambiguous and be misinterpreted. Many companies for example now use the word transparency and its become a buzz word in marketing to give the sense of truth and integrity.

Ultimately for me living transparently is all about learning what it means to embody Self-Trust, Self-Love and Sovereignty. Learning how to take FULL responsibility for OUR Words, Actions and Thoughts.

An easy way to begin communicating transparently is making a decision as of this moment to never speak lies to yourself or others. This is not an easy endeavour because as we bring more awareness to the lies we have habitually told, this decision also uncovers the lies we thought were truth.

I lied for many years and lying become the norm for me, it become safe, it was a from of survival. You could say I become addicted to lying because it was an unconscious program, a sub-conscious program created through repeating actions, reactions and behaviours over and over again.

We all unconsciously agree to the collective lies or untrue stories within ourselves and society without questioning why? How could we question what we are not aware of? Its not until I began asking the big open questions like ‘who am I?’ ‘why am I here?’ ‘what is the meaning of life?’ ‘who am I without my preconceived beliefs?’ ‘what is the nature of the universe?’ ‘what is an atom?’ and so on that I was able to embark on a much deeper personal inquiry. And it continues of course, a round trip back to self. Always reminds me of Santiago in The Alchemist story. “Santiago goes back to the church where he dreamed of the treasure near the pyramids. He digs where he slept, beneath a sycamore tree, and there it is: Santiago’s treasure”.

So today I invite you to ask yourself; where in your life are you lying? And what has to change or what needs do you have; to support you in dropping all that feels false to you. Its about uncovering your truth, nobody else's.

Transparent Communication for me is the Language of Love and when we take the time, blissipline and commitment to become a transparent communicator, we are making a stand and creating a new way of being, a way of truth, a new earth language if you will. and as George Orwell said; “Speaking our truth is a Revolutionary act”. and I say ‘loving yourself unconditionally is a revolutionary act’

It starts within YOU/ME/WE 
Gratitude leads the way

❤ evolving transparently