Dress to Impress: New trends in web design

Whether going to a business meeting or going out on a date, the first detail people will notice is your outfit. Have you heard of “the first impression is the one that counts“? Same principle applies to your website design.

New trends in web design are showing larger and larger images with awesome resolution. Such imagination is connected with the idea or goal for which the site was especially built. The main picture must be very insightful, direct and lean so the concept behind can be communicated easily and fast.

Another trend connected with large images is Parallax. This tool allows the image to stay in the background while you are scrolling down. This effect is causing large sites owners to move towards that direction because the feeling of moving is incredible. But doing the same as everybody may cause fatigue.

Usually, I try never to follow the trend regarding web design not because I’m trying to be different no matter what, rather because my parents taught me that I have to be the best always and that means sometimes one has to assert yourself as an individual before becoming part of the group. Then you have to innovate once again and so on.

www.iriddesign.com ~ web design by www.tarful.com

Thinking outside the box is hard but even harder is to see the obvious. Not every trend out there can be applied to every site design because it depends on the service, target and what the owner wants to do with the site or the corporation. Sometimes not even one single idea can be done to a site.

A few days ago a client told me that the look and feel or design of the site needed to show roughness and a sense of being hand made because of their target characteristics… That’s simply brilliant! Their trend is going in that direction and eventually it is going to be challenging to stay in that course, and that is even better because the challenge would be not to copy old ideas, it would be to improve them.

If you feel comfortable with the appearance of your site I think it is time to make a reappraisal to surprise your regular customers and to attract new ones to become fans of your site and what you have to offer. As Steve Jobs said it “Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.”