I finally pulled my attention away from normal business activities whilst things are quiet to start self-publishing.

I’ve printed some retro posters before for my Scooter site Scooter-Life and it’s something I’ve enjoyed creating.

So while assignments are quiet I’ve started to work with Gelato for my print-on-demand partner and Etsy as my shopfront due to their impressive marketplace.

Here is one of my first Poster Art Prints titled Taxi Cab New York City 1992

As described I captured this in New York City in 1992 during rush hour.


George Hider is an established artist working with metal which is often gathered from scrap that he has acquired.

Based on his farm near Merriott South Somerset he is a member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.

Much of his work is inspired by his love of animals as was very evident when I visited.

George has no website and no time for social media but as I found out he is very welcoming and happy to chat about his work over a brew.

Despite his lack of interest in modern technology and marketing his work sells wide and far through several galleries with pieces often selling out as quickly as he can create them.

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A few weeks ago during a hot spell of summer weather, I received a message I’d been waiting for from Reuben to say they were starting the harvest

I had spoken with Reuben Matravers for a couple of months after his wife messaged me after seeing my post on social media about wanting people for my Life In A Somerset Landscape Project.

Reuben owns R J Matravers Master Thatcher in Somerset who do traditional thatching across the South West of England.

As well as the thatching which I’ll be capturing in the coming weeks they have also been growers and suppliers of…


On the bank of the River Parrett in Langport sits an old building called Great Western House AKA Shakespear Glass Buiding.

Inside you will find various craftspeople working who are known as The Langport Creative Collective.

It was here I arranged to meet and photograph Steve Overthrow who has revived the dead art of producing handmade Sieve’s and Riddle’s

After my shoot earlier in the year for Numatic (see blog post) I was asked to capture another people-based brief for the company.

The brief this time was for a new brochure and other promotional material for their Service Care Package involving two models.

Jonathan Hodgson combines his skills not only as a great artist but applies these talents to creating functional and custom arrows and some of which are art pieces.

His custom-made arrows are created to suit the archer’s bow, draw length and draw weight in lbs, and the type of archery they do, and personal preferences for colours and styles, etc.

His art arrows are built with Form in mind more than Function.

At the end of May, I received an email from BBC Radio Somerset’s Trish Campbell requesting an interview.

She was interested in chatting on her Bank Holiday Monday show with me about my work especially how it was affected during the lockdown and my Life In A Somerset Landscape Project.

As it happens I was away in Cornwall with the family that week but said I’d be happy to jump on a call on Monday.

Now as some will know Cornwall can be tricky for phone reception in some areas and although I had 4G the signal was a little flaky…

Back in February, I was approached by the marketing team at Numatic International who you probably know for their famous Henry Vacum Cleaner brand.

They had the opportunity to showcase one of their commercial products on location in an Mc Donalds restaurant which was closed to the public during the Covid lockdown.

Carefully following the Government guidelines and Numatic’s brief we were able to safely and successfully capture several setups of their 244NX cordless scrubber dryer in action for their Floorcare Brochure.

The shoot went smoothly thanks to some great and extensive pre-production by Numatic’s team and the helpful staff at Mc Donalds who also kept me filled with Mc caffeine!

I come from a family of car lovers.

As a child, my father owned various sports and prestige vehicles over the years BMW’s, Lotus, Mercedes, and a beautiful Concours condition 1969 Porsche 911.

April 2021 continued like last year but with a slightly bigger bang.

I had started a contract last year shooting for a holiday company capturing holiday cottages and other holiday accommodation for the homestay holiday market.

Ironically the travel industry is one of those hardest hit by the Covid pandemic yet this provided the homestay U.K market with a huge boost for demand.

The past 4 weeks have turned out to be been very busy with me clocking up well over 2 thousand miles on my travels and shooting huge amounts of images.

In between, I’ve also been busy finishing off a video production for another client so juggling the two has been at times interesting!

Here are a few snaps I’ve grabbed on my travels and I’m looking as we all are to the better weather as we move into May.

Simon Plant

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