A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices
Michael Andersen

I’m sorry but this really is a terrible article. I feel like I totally wasted my time reading it. It is myopic in its scope (try using more than three variables when looking at what affects property prices maybe). Drawing a nice straight line through a bunch of data points with significant variability along that line is just shit analysis. The only point being made to describe any of the fluctuations being the tech boom. All national and global economic factors are ignored, relative levels of personal debt are ignored, mortgage prices are ignored, lending practices by banks are ignored (the main cause of the global financial collapse, might want to mention it), among myriad other reasons. Yes the guy gathered some interesting data but try putting it with some other data before saying something as recklessly arrogant as, ‘This is as close as you’re ever likely to see to an answer to life, the universe and everything.’ That kind of self aggrandisement makes me want to tell you to go fuck yourself, so go fuck yourself.

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