Advantages of Using E-MAX Crowns

Dental crowns can be considered as the best alternative solution to stained, disfigured and damaged teeth. They are constructed either at a dental office or laboratory. The main purpose of dental crowns is to supplement the use of permanent crowns. Until the permanent crowns are made, these temporary crowns are fitted into the patient’s mouth.

Crowns can be categorised into two main categories, all ceramic and ceramic-metal mix. While ceramic mix crowns are quite affordable, they have several disadvantages as well.

Benefits of E-MAX crowns

  • All ceramic crowns can be divided into E-Max crown and Zirconium crowns.
  • These crowns look aesthetically appealing when compared to ceramic metal mix crowns.
  • E-MAX crowns fit quite easily and are durable too.
  • Unlike ceramic metal mix crowns, these crowns are available in a translucent colour due to the use of lithium desilicated ceramic. This is why they can match your original teeth to the closest.
  • It does not include the use of metal band around the gum.
  • All ceramic content eliminates the possibility of metallic allergies.
  • E-MAX crowns are light and thin, this means they fit in your own teeth conveniently and only a small portion of teeth would be removed to fit these crowns.
  • If there is only a little space between your two teeth, E-MAX crowns are an ideal fit for you.
  • Though E-MAX crowns are pretty expensive than zirconium crowns, they are tougher and more sturdy.
  • E-MAX crowns don’t chip as often as zirconium crowns.

E-MAX crowns can be considered as an ideal investment to make your smile more beautiful. As they are tailor-made to meet an individual’s requirements, the cost of emax crowns is worth every penny spent. However, it is essential that you opt for professional dentist’s assistance to get hand crafted E max crown.