Foods you should avoid eating if with dental crowns

Cheap dental crowns are very effective fixtures for teeth appearance. You will need a few tips to make them last longer and keep their beauty. While permanent crowns made of porcelain, metal and ceramic allow you to eat a wide range of foods; extra precaution is needed when working with temporary crowns made from acrylic. For instance, you need to limit the amount of chewing on the position when the temporal dental crown is located.

You will find that nuts, hard candies, cruncy fresh veges and carrots are no-go-zones for your temporary crown. Chewing gums, desserts, candy (jelly beans, gummy bears, taffy, toffee, caramels and licorice) could crown off your tooth so they should be avoided.

Below are additional foods to avoid if you have a temporal crown as would be advised by Zirconia dental experts:

1. Hot foods: Zirconia dental experts will install cheap dental crowns in a manner that the crowns cannot be damaged by coffee, soups or pizza because they shouldn’t even if they are temporal. However, if you are experiencing some discomfort after using them, you should avoid them. Some of the discomforts to watch out for include mild-to-severe sensitivity in and around crowned teeth. These discomforts are common for people with gum recession.

2. Cold foods: If you experience pain when eating iced beverages or ice cream, Zirconia dental care givers advise you to stop using them. That does not mean these foods harm crowns. For those who have gum recedes (such that the root above a crowned tooth is exposed), you might experience a similar sensitivity experienced to when using hot foods. There are toothpastes made specifically for sensitive teeth and they can block the sensitivity.

3. Sugary foods: Although permanent dental crowns require no additional special care or dietary restrictions as Zirconia dental experts who install cheap dental crowns will tell you, the underlying teeth will need attention to be protected from gum diseases and decay as any regular teeth. This is the reason for limiting use of sugary foods, candy, gum and snacks. Always brush teeth after chewing sticky foods such as dried fruit.