A restful weekend, primed to take on week 2

Monday 11th January see’s the beginning of week 2 of the #MHTransform program I am currently following, and to be honest I can’t wait!

The first week of the program has gone pretty well for me; the exercise has been great and awoken the muscles and energy that I knew I had before, and were still in there somewhere, it has also been a big learning curve on the eating front but I have quite enjoyed the diet, and the focus on volume and type of consumption. I don’t believe for a minute that I have perfected it, but the changes made have been VERY radical for me.

To put this in context; I have gone from a person who hardly ever eats breakfast, a sandwich muncher at lunchtime, has one takeaway a week, snacking on chocolate whilst watching TV, and doing little exercise to someone who is drinking protein shakes before going to work, having high protein, low/no sugar, low fat meals at lunch and dinner, with portion sizes that are far more in keeping with a normal person, and working out for 45 minutes 4 times a week. I have eaten one snack in 7 days, which was a homemade chocolate brownie square; made from coconut flour, agave, avocado etc…all healthy….and I am not missing anything one bit…yet!

No coffee, only green tea (or similar), and water have passed my lips for 7 days, and there hasn’t been a whiff of alcohol near me either (although I don’t drink too much anyway, unless on a once a quarter mega binge, which I don’t really enjoy).

I have managed to maintain the happiness around the diet by varying the light amount of spiced rub I have been putting on the meat in my food; using creole, jerk, cajun & fajita to keep it a little varied. Changing up the vegetable I have peas, peppers, sweet pots, white (boiled) pots, carrots & jalepenos as well as the teaspoon of chilli type sauce I have with my meal has helped massively….and I love spicy food, so this has worked for me.

I feel my body changing, my clothes are looser, the scales are lighter, and I am happier. My headaches from the start of the week have gone, and I look forward to the workouts. My average calorie consumption has been around 1300/1400 a day, netting out at around 700/800 on workout days, which is leaving me a little tired, but I am finding hard to consume more…but I’ll figure that out as the weeks go on.

Onto week 2 and more reps, more protein, more foam rolling and more happiness to come….hopefully! Bring It On!

If anyone has any advice, tips or tricks to help me in my quest, please comment away….I need all the help I can get! Protein pancakes were a great success for Sunday morning breakfast! :)

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