Do We Stop Caring About Popular Music in Our 30s?
Tovin Lapan

‘Music’ has always and shall always be composed and played, it has not always had ‘charts’ to top in, but Mozart did rather well while he was alive, as did Verdi and many other ‘classical’ composers. Classical, or ‘serious’ music is very hard to define universally. I like music that has been composed or which follows ( or creates ) a standard which is typified by musical talent rather than saleability or the weight of publicity it carries. I listened to complex music which I later thought of as ‘classical’ from very early on. My first purchased record was ‘She Love’s You’ as a 45rpm. The Beatles are I think the only ‘pop’ group to be listed in the Penguin Classical Music Guide. My second record was a 78rpm ( blue plastic ) Scheherazade Kid’s demo disc — orchestral stuff at 7… I was a late starter.

If it is composed and / or well performed, then I can enjoy it. This has not changed — only grown — over the last 50 plus years. I think this study shows that people stop bothering what other people think as they age and start thinking for themselves more. This has got nothing to do with the music.

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