I’m going to be blunt here.
Robert Thompson

Frankly, Robert, yes. I think those who rallied around the absurd and internationally illegal ideas of preliminary strikes must face the blame. It is not right for you or anyone else to have such poor judgement on such important matters and then just apologise! Do you have any idea how many innocent people died in that whole operation?!

I condemn all those in congress who voted to such stupid illegal war.

I can’t vote in the US Presidential Election as I am Australian, but war affects us all, and the warmongering of your country is one of the things the reduces the chances of my children’s children existing.

Tuck your stars and stripes back into your Levis and see yourselves with the proper grief than a repentant country should. You could be so wonderful, yet you are a blight on the planet.

Hillary only has the judgement necessary to continue this thuggish empire maintenance which has defined US history since WWII. The rest of the world? We are sick of it.

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