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Destroying a monument is “an act of oppression”? Really?!

I get very upset when news reports are as bothered about destruction of some old building as they are a loss of life. It’s insane.

Old buildings are nice. A historical memory.

But people are more important.

Same goes for the protection of old buildings in the UK. They slap a listing (a protection order) on just about anything. Not just old castles and churches, but on townhouses, old water purification facilities. Even an open cast mine!

And these listings don’t just protect the building from destruction. They stop people replacing shutters, skirting boards, window frames…. it’s just petty.

It’s gotten to the stage that the preservation of the building is more important than the needs of the people that have to use them.

I’m ok with a few castles and palaces being preserved, but a regular residential house? If you like an old building, take a photograph and move on.

Buildings are there to serve people. Not the other way around.

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