Angry In America

564,000 homeless in America

13 million children living hungry in America

46.7 million people living in poverty in America

Think about those numbers for a moment. Now think about them some more.

Do those numbers make you sad? How about Angry? Do you think they should be statements made in a modern America?

You’re angry because Ivanka Trump went on a trip to Japan and may or may not have tried to sell hotels or other Trump products.

You’re angry because Trump demanded an apology for the way Pence was “offended” at a musical.

Students are having classes cancelled because Trump won the election.

People are marching in the street because Trump won the election.

People are posting memes because Trump won the election.

Do you think perhaps people are angry about the wrong things?

You say you will wear a safety pin to provide a safe space for people. That’s nice. Will that feed a child? Will that house a family or provide them with extra income?

If you want change in this country stop believing it happens at the polls. It doesn’t. Women didn’t get the vote by voting. Civil rights didn’t become an issue at the ballot box.

People stood up and demanded change.

Want to know why Trump won, simple, he addressed a hierarchy of needs.

If you can’t feed your family do you honestly care if his daughter went with him to Japan, or that he settled a lawsuit out of court? Do you care about a wall or whether there is a register for a particular religion? Do you take time to explain that to your child when they have to go to bed hungry every night?

Or do you hope against hope that maybe this time someone is going to help you?

Don’t want a Trump America? Then change America, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless and learn to love one another.

Reading this you may think I’m a Trump supporter, I’m not. I’m a human supporter.

Trump isn’t the problem in America, complacency is. Comfort is. The easy life is.

Being angry and offended by Trump is easy. Posting about your feelings is easy. Wearing a safety pin is easy.

Next week millions of you will gorge on extra food you don’t need. And “give thanks” for all you have. You have awkward conversations with relatives you only see once a year about the election and then you’ll go home to your safe comfortable lives.

And in 2017 somewhere around May you’ll still be annoyed by the new President. You’ll wonder what you can do and then you’ll remember those work emails you need to get to, the laundry that needs doing, your kids homework and a dozen other things that take priority.

And the homeless will still be without homes.

And the Hungry will still be without food.

And those in Poverty will still be without care.

In America.