We The People…

Why War & Violence are the natural human state

Humans are a violent species. Since the beginning of recorded history, around 3600 BC, over 14.500 major wars have killed about four billion people, which was the approximate population of the planet in the mid-1970's.

Let that sink in for a moment, we have successfully managed to kill the equivalent of every human being on the planet and only on two occasions did we use weapons of mass destructions.

So why is there so much violence? Think about how humans view the world, the word that is used to describe a collection of people who associate themselves together is “We”. As human beings we divide the world into two groups, Us and Them. We is us, anyone who is not us, is by default, them.

Humans do this at every level, from small groups like families all the way to nations. The opening line of the Constitution of the United States — “We the People of the United States”. This immediately sets the boundaries of who this document applies to, which of course, as a legal document it needs. But at the subconscious level it also sets aside the people it refers to in their own minds. We are us, we are not them.

This is a common concept among groups of humans. The people known commonly as Navajo call themselves Dine the nearest translation into english is “The People”.

So if we are the people then everyone else are not people. They are others, we have the right to protect ourselves from others. To protect our people, our resources, our lifestyle. Being “We the people” gives us the ability to define others as not us and therefore create myths and stories about them to ensure that we don’t see them as us.

Racism, Sectarianism, Sexism, Homophobia these are all ways in which one group is able to draw lines around themselves and complete the picture of “We the people”, even when those lines segregate them from the larger group of people that they associate as “us”.

We The People. It can be a rallying cry for good, but just as easily and more often than not it is used to create an atmosphere of fear. It is the equivalent of the federal reserve that supports the economy of fear that is used to manipulate, control and subjugate people. Gays, Muslims, Jews, Arabs, Christians, Atheists, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Women, Men, Children, all can be the People and just easily can be typified as Them, not Us.

We might hope that after 200,000 years of evolution humans might have evolved beyond this concept. We might hope for this, but the reality is that We The People is our core concept outside of “Me”.

Me and We, perhaps the most divisive words in the human vocabulary. We The People will continue to fight, wage wars against and believe that we and how we live is better, superior even, to how they live. We The People the reason we will always have wars.

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