Why I Home-Schooled my Kids
Powell Berger

So well written! Thanks for sharing. I’m the product of this lifestyle (less travel though!). We were part of a group that met once a week, and my friends from those days are 20 years later the most lucid, high character, motivated awesome people, with clear direction in life (and model parents).

Our kids are approaching school age and we are on the cusp of having to commit, I was encouraged by your approach — it doesn’t have to be a decade commitment, just take it one year at a time. I can already feel the pressure relief!

Some of the notable advantages I enjoyed were picking up daytime (adult!) jobs at 15, 16, 17 years of age, running my own budgets in junior high, learning how to grocery shop (and stay in budget) early as age 11–12, and probably the most valuable lesson I learned: how to buck conventional wisdom and apply creativity to all aspects of life, including education and career.

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