Information Security Media Group and a Journalist’s unethical article tries to silence stalking victims exercising their right to a “fair hearing”.

Media gets in the way of the court system bypassing any fair hearing to silence victims who have a human right to stop cyberstalking.

▪ Over 10 false SMS’s claiming to be potential customers, robotic calls, and other people he never heard of just to harass him;

▪ Thousands of initiating racial, derogatory, defamatory, defacing comments and images on Twitter, email, and other media for no reason;

▪ Abuse just for the fact he has been on TV;

▪ Hundreds of false accusations and interference with his personal life, theft and defacing of personal images;

▪ False and misleading accusations by unqualified ‘experts’, as well as attempts to impersonate him in at least ten accounts;

▪ Threats in the mail and Black Hat SEO campaigns;

▪ Threatening emails demanding Mr. Smith drops legal cases ‘or else’;

▪ False, misleading and deceptive publications and remarks about him;

▪ Attempted server attacks, email-bombs, personal pictures as Trump, Hitler, Genitals;

▪ Sabotage at Awards nominations;

▪ Pictures with Penises and other mutilations over his personal photographs from these so-called ‘professionals’;

▪ Constant surveillance and false accusations, forged emails, and resorting to falsifying documents, sending out Mr. Smith’s number on a girl’s account saying free sex pictures;

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Simon Smith

Simon Smith

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