Quit your job now! Here’s why….

So are you Mr. Anderson or Neo? Are you the “one” with the ability to stop bullets with your thoughts or a mild mannered member of staff, following the rules?

The truth is I connect daily with so many people who are actually in the matrix and don’t realise it! (I am referencing the 1999 movie for those that don’t know what I am talking about — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix — if you have not seen this movie watch it now! The rest of this post might not make sense otherwise ☺).

Let me explain the theory here + how to check if you are in the matrix (then show you how to unplug if you are!).

Ask yourself ‘are you in control of your own destiny?’ If you are not, you are in the matrix! To know the answer is such an important element to true success in my view.

(For those that have not seen the movie: in The Matrix, Mr. Anderson is a computer programmer for a software company who is not in control of his own destiny. He is paid well but something is not quite right and he tries to ignore this feeling. He is a hacker type by night called Neo and is in search of answers. In the mean time, he lives in the matrix unhappy but unaware he is in the matrix *spoiler alert in case you have not watched the movie yet*. The truth is he is actually not living the life he thinks and infact is living in a “IBM style” computer system that makes him think he is living a life, when he is in reality just a battery for a machine world!)

The parallel is simply this: working for someone else who decides what you do and when you do it, how much you will get paid and when, means you are not in control of your own destiny and in fact just a battery for their system! Of course the system will let you take days off or have money but that’s not freedom to decide your own destiny.

If you quit your job, leave the matrix and start something where you decide what happens day to day and you decide what your future looks like and how you will spend your time, then you are no longer in the matrix!

The parallel continues in the sense that coming out the matrix (quitting your job!) is hard. Many leave the matrix (and start a company of their own) and wish they never had as it’s not easy. It’s hard out of the system with many comforts removed and you end up working twice as hard for what (at first) feels like half the quality of life. Food does not taste the same and the pace means your body aches as if you have never used it before (losing you by now if you have not seen the movie so go watch it to see what I mean!).

BUT here’s the thing you need to remember (now I have been out of the matrix myself for so long, I know this to be true). Living in the real world where you control your own destiny is the only life to live!

It is full of hardship and difficulties but you are living a real life full of meaning and certainly feel alive and learn (if you can stay out of the matrix for more than an year) that you never want to go back to a controlled world with limits and rules.

If you are unplugged already, you know what I mean! If you are not, it may well be the same as the movie line that states:

‘it’s hard to tell you you are in the matrix and explain what the matrix is and the only way to explain what the matrix is is to show by unplugging you’.

Now, I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

Simon ‘morpheus’ Squibb ☺ www.nest.vc/matrix

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