Software engineers will be obsolete by 2060
Dan Auerbach

Software engineering will not follow the path of the telegraph operator, it’s a misguided example. A much better one would be that of a mechanic - Cars are getting more and more sophisticated, and the skills of the mechanic are growing with it, not diminishing.

Retelling the story of another professions plight, combining it with a overly-simplistic outlook on the future of hardware and software, and selecting an arbitrary date of 2060 (you forgot the month) does not a good theory make.

Any software engineer should be able to dispel this idea quickly. Why? Because software is not becoming easier to develop, it’s becoming more complex and difficult.

Regardless, 2060 is so far away I would rather you try to tell me what’s happing in the next 36 months with any certainty — then you’d really be a prophet.

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