From business school to creating value in a startup

A guide on how you as a business school boy make yourself relevant in a start-up

The best way to part of something is to actual make a difference. To actual create value. So lets set that as an ambition, shall we.

I was recently asked to make presentation for a masters programme at Copenhagen Businesses School. The focus for my presentation was “How can I become active and be part of the entrepreneurship scene?”

Having received similar questions earlier I mights as well write my answer down.

Let it be said right away, I used to be the person, studying my master at Copenhagen Business School asking the same question.

I was well underway to take the somewhat classic consultant road. I was studying my masters and working as a junior consultant at Qvartz. And that is a very interesting road. No doubt. It is just not the road which makes you able to create actual value in a start-up/entrepreneurial setting.

So what is? As I have written here I basically believe that there is 2 jobs in an early stage startup — either you build the product (developer/designer/product manager) or you sell the product.

Being a current or ex business school student pretty much rules our the building part. So what is left? You need to be able to sell!

I realised this after many mistakes. Which is why I today have specialised myself in sales, distribution, growth hacking — call it what you want.

So here is an overview of the articles, blogs, communities, people, tools you as a minimum need to know:

Articles, blogs and books to read:

How To Become A Customer Acquisition Expert by Brian Balfour

The First Step To Building A Growth Machine by Brian Balfour

In general read and follow his blog

How we put Facebook on the path to 1 billion users (video) by Chamath Palihapitiya

The Distribution Hacker’s Mission: Create an Unfair Advantage by Danielle Morrill

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Communities to engage with:

Twitter (follow the ones I follow)

Medium (follow the ones I follow)

Product Hunt



Tools to master (or a least know of):



Google analytics


Keyword planner


And let me be clear. Right now you are learning somethings else. If you wanna “become active and be part of the entrepreneurship scene” and create actual value you will have to do a double degree!

I am co-founder and head of growth at Founders. Founders is a start-up studio. Read more on Founders Growth Universe

So far we have started,,,,,,, and

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