Don’t think of passion

Through a consumption of medias telling me about motivation, creativity, productivity, focus and passion I learned something. I think most students at some points have been wrenching their mind about the direction they should take to pursuing their dreams and passions.

But what if you don’t have a specific dream or passion? Today the opportunities are everywhere, and you can become anything. So how the heck do we decide?

Passion is the result not your guide

When in school, at work or from friends and family you probably had the question, when talking about the future; “Well, what are you most passionate about?” The pressure makes it a difficult question to answer in your twenties. And yes — it’s okay not to know.

It’s difficult to answer because there’s an amount of permanency in the answer to that. When you figured you’ll just tell about your favourite interest or lecture, you already know the answer is “Well, then that’s what you should do!” — Oh yeah, sure there’s the solution. It’s just not that simple. And it’s not supposed to.

I believe passion is the result, not the starting point. Focus on dedication and devotion — knocking challenge after challenge down to do what you like. Passion will come later, smacking you right in the face as an epiphany.

Roads will shape along the way. They might be curved.

What do you want to be, what education should you choose, what is your vision in life, what job should you take? Those are some pulse pressuring questions. Just thinking about them makes an inner smaller version of me cry: “I DON’T KNOW!!”

You know what? That’s completely alright. You are a lucky person if you already know. I heard about the Tarzan Method from a Casey Neistat video which relates to a book I enjoyed by Tina Seelig - What I wish I knew when I was 20. Both of them is emphathizing that no mather what you do, you’ll always gain something from your experiences. Even if they are a bit off the pathway that you thought you’d follow. As long as you are doing something that brings you joy. Keep doing it — to the fullest.


I found this method from a YouTube video by Tony Robbins. What it comes down to when talking about your mood and motivation is where your focus is. It’s like breaking a bad habit, the first step is to become aware of what’s happening in your mind. The reason your mood is driven by your focus is quite simple. Which you are in somewhat control of. It comes down to one thing; What questions are you asking yourself?

The questions you ask yourself is directing your focus. If you are asking yourself encouraging questions instead of doubting yourself you’ll improve your minds positivity a big deal. I highly recommend listening to the video. It won’t happen overnight, but by becoming aware you’ll start developing this useful skill.

Never stop learning

My last but probably most important learning that I’ll share with you. Never stop learning. Never doubt that you are capable of learning something. Age doesn’t matter, gender, school, upbringing or whatsoever — it doesn’t matter.

I think of learning as putting tools into your toolbox. Every time you learn something you’re getting a new tool. You might not use it for every project you are doing, but by having that tool it changes how you think of opportunities. And that’s what it’s all about. Giving yourself opportunities and sparking creativity.

Let me give you another example. It’s like when I’m advising friends or family what computer they should buy, I recommend a better one than they need for their current usage. Why? Because just like knowledge and skills, giving people a computer that are capable of more things, they start seeing opportunities instead of limitations. By putting more tools in your toolbox, you see opportunities for being creative.

If you only have a hammer you’d only think in projects, where you are using nails. If you had a hammer and a saw you’d begin to think in a bigger scale and start building bigger stuff. Well, not to overdo this, but imagine you had all the tools and now also a crane. Now you could actually change the world.

When I say learning I’m not talking about school. Well, not just school. They already set the menu for you. It’s what you do outside of that menu which really makes the difference. Start researching the internet, travel, ask people stupid questions (there are none), read a book or sometimes say screw it and just try something crazy.

Don’t think about the future so much that it’s keeping you from doing great things. Take the weird paths that doesn’t make sense right now, but feels good to you. Change your mindset to focus on encouragement and the positive things you got going. Work hard and dedicate yourself.

And lastly. Never stop learning. It’s the key to creativity and opportunities.