Why you should be ashamed to be a Medium user

Quite honestly, I only have disgust for all of you to motivate me to write this, so I won’t have enough motivation to write a long article here.

Medium is a site that feeds off of collective self-worship and self-delusions. Just take this article, for example. There is literally nothing meaningful in it beyond “Practice Makes Perfect”. Judging from a few of the responses below the article, it seems like it’s been plagiarized off of someone else, but I don’t care enough to investigate.

But what I do care about is all the people kissing up to the author of that article.

Honestly, Medium looks to me like Quora if you take away the part where someone has a question. What’s left behind is a bunch of people who still want recognition for their intelligence and thoughtfulness, but nobody actually asked for their opinion.

I really don’t see how that article got 4.93k hearts and solicited so much positive response. Here’s the one that is highlighted with big text and shows up first:

Great article Cammi!
There are a lot of talkers in life. Usually they have good ideas, but then they make excuses with bad ideas and decide not to do anything. The important thing is to run on passion and do things, because you’re stronger by learning from mistakes not worrying about them. Be a doer! — Nathan Tran

That just reeks of “I want to cash in on this attention!”

I leave you with this quote from the article:

It means nothing if you are good at something but adding no value. It is better to show up everyday and try.

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