Welcome back to the DeepStream monthly Product blog, we have had a busy month and are looking forward to showing you all the new features!

1. The DeepStream Exchange & Partial Bid Replies

DeepStream the innovative Oil & Gas E-procurement platform is expanding, opening a new location in Aberdeen. The offices will officially open for business on the 20th August and will offer support to their customers based in the North Sea.

Stephen Brogdon, Commercial VP, spoke with gusto about the new launch:

Due to extensive growth over the past six months in the North Sea market, it’s great to finally open our new Aberdeen office. The DeepStream team are super excited about building closer relationships with our suppliers and buyers

The new location will allow DeepStream to connect easily with the Aberdeen…

Buyers, Operators, EPC’s…

Are you still using excel spreadsheets for deviations and clarifications? You’re issuing this spreadsheet to each of your suppliers, creating revisions, locking cells? We feel your pain.

Since excel was launched (and Lotus 123 for the old skool) supply chain managers, contracts engineers, projects managers have used this simple tool to compile deviations and clarifications spreadsheets.

For example, you maybe working on a pre-award tender, your suppliers have submitted their bid and accompanied it with a deviations and clarifications sheet? Sound simple? Not quite.

A recent survey showed that 17% of a supply chain managers time, per…

Welcome to the first in a monthly series of Product blogs, where we will give you an insight into the latest developments in the DeepStream product and how we put together our offering to our clients.

We live in a rapid, evolving and lean world where technology is more critically intertwined with our daily lives, both for pleasure and for business. No longer is software there just to perform a calculation or record information, it is becoming part of our life and expanding what we can do, and people expect an enjoyable experience engaging with it.

We have adequate procedures in place for registering vendors and engaging those via our portal

Adequate is a reasonable answer to the question “how good is your stapler?” or “how was your sandwich from the garage?” but SAAS systems should be far more than just satisfactory.

I received this email response recently from a supply chain manager at large drilling company. I had enquired about their tendering and pre-qualification processes and if they would be open to embracing a new tech driven approach.

Is that where SaaS has left SCM’s?

I deliver, you pay

In most business purchases, you pay the seller upfront, before delivery of the goods or services you need. If you don’t have the cash but have the credit, a finance house will make a clip on the trade by extending you some credit. Sellers (normally) are not specialised in lending money. Separating specialisation of skill, the theory goes, is important for the proper functioning of a trading ecosystem.

Corporates with strong credit ratings often arb credit markets

General Electric (GE) is a perfect example of a corporate which leveraged its triple-A credit rating to lend to lesser rated customers. It could tap the bond markets at a lower yield…

A few months back we spoke about supplier pre-qualification and how this has somewhat become the holy grail for suppliers looking to work with super majors and oil companies. But, if pre-qualification to suppliers is the holy grail, then for some, tendering is almost like the Temple of Doom — you don’t want to go in…but you just have to!

That’s how DeepStream and our network of suppliers have felt over the years of bidding on oil & gas projects. …

A sigh of relief can be heard throughout the entire oil industry as the price of crude continues to climb. Since it crashed to below $50 a barrel at the beginning of 2015, the oil price has remained painfully low, so low in fact that it proved fatal to a number of oil & gas companies no longer able to survive on the diminished revenues.

Basic Economics

As discussions on how the oil & gas sector could be back on the rise inevitably take place, it reminded me of being in school and learning of the economic impacts of rising oil prices…

Oil and gas suppliers love to receive a prequalification questionnaire from a buyer…or do they? Becoming a prequalified or approved vendor is often seen as the holy grail for suppliers. But if you’ve ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you know that trying to get your hands on the holy grail can result in a lot of corpses along the way!

At DeepStream we spoke with numerous suppliers who didn’t even bother to complete prequalification questionnaires they had been sent because it was too time-consuming. A typical example was a supplier who told us that in one case…

Simon Tran

Lead UI/UX Designer at @deepstreamtech

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