I’m actually an introvert.
Lalaina Rackson

Nice observations, Lalaina. People often misunderstand the nature of extroversion vs introversion. Introverts can regularly be the centre of attention at a party. Extroverts love curling up on their own with a book. The notion, as defined by Carl Jung is actually about where you get your energy from — inner-directed or outer-directed. Also, your Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (if you do a MBTI test) indicates your preference not your ability. An introvert can be just as good as an extrovert in doing a job that involves talking to people all day. Just as an extrovert can be brilliant at a job that requires them to be on their own. However each will get more tired in doing so, and will need to do something more in line with their “preference” to recharge their batteries.

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