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Simon Wilby
2 min readSep 9, 2021


Rightfully so, each ground-breaking invention has indeed originated in an hour of need or as a solution to a mass problem. It would be fair to say that each inventor is a genius problem solver who thinks lightyears ahead of others. They are the ones offering creative solutions to today’s problems while driving human civilization towards a better future. On that note, here’s honoring the work and vision of American inventor Simon Wilby, the brains behind, the universal voice translation app that is all set to revolutionize the act of interpretation.


In recent years, the world has witnessed exponential advancement in new-age technologies like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart digital automation. Owing to that, we have been introduced to some pioneering inventions that have made life so much easier, replacing legacy issues with cutting-edge solutions. is one such invention that aims to minimize the linguistic barriers across the world with its power of universal translation, all thanks to the innovative genius of Simon Wilby.

What makes VoiceTranslator so Unique?

You might be thinking; there are so many voice translation software and apps online. So what makes this one better than the others? by Simon Wilby can translate the conversation on an active call. It operates by transcribing the call in the original language. It then sends the transcribed message to a Cloud API that translates the message sending back the interpreted or translated message in audio format.

The app is compatible with all major languages around the world. It translates two-way conversation in real-time and is required only on the caller’s phone. Moreover, the translation takes place fast, minimizing any lags in the conversation. Thus, unlike other voice translation app, Simon Wilby’s creation has the potential to streamline and revolutionize personal and business communication across geographies seamlessly and devoid of any linguistic barriers.

Simon Wilby, the Master Inventor

The sole idea behind this invention has been the universal need to create an avenue for clear communication without any language disruptions between two or more parties. In addition, the app eliminates the need for a human translator to interpret the communication.

An inventor to the very core, Simon Wilby has always been intrigued by technology. Over the years, while engaging with people from different parts of the world, he realized that language was still a barrier that needed elimination. But, unfortunately, there were very few software and app that could do that seamlessly and in real-time.

From that need originated the idea of that is soon to be released across all platforms for use by callers worldwide. According to Simon Wilby, his purpose was to give people and enterprises the means to communicate effortlessly with the global populace for business or personal reasons.


In our day-to-day lives, we encounter multiple problems. But only a few have the intellect to address those problems that keep disrupting the way of life and create solutions that pave the way for an enhanced living experience for all. That’s the true spirit of an inventor like Simon Wilby.



Simon Wilby

Once purely in the realm of science fiction, the idea of a universal translator has gradually become reality thanks to the advancements in Ai