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I’m sure this has been brought up already, but if a movie studio spends $300 million dollars on a movie and its marketing, some modest morale-win just doesn’t cut it. Ghostbusters needs to have made what it made… in the first weekend. And that was with about as favorable a media as there could have been. The critical reviews were, for the most part, very kind, and it had lots of coverage. And, the media was so ready to declare it a success, that nobody took into account how much this movie actually cost. As a point of reference, Independence Day: Resurgence made very similar money domestically, but blew Ghostbusters out of the water worldwide, and the analysis was that it was a flop. Well, all told, ID: Resurgence made almost double what Ghostbusters made, on a similar budget, with alot less money spent on marketing. So, if Independence Day was a flop, then Ghostbusters doubly so.

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