A kinder, friendlier breakfast sausage

Have you seen the posters encouraging paparazzi to “shoot pictures for good?”

They’ve been popping up along my commute here in Los Angeles. So today I took a minute to find out what they’re all about.

Turns out they’re sponsored by Jimmy Dean, the manufacturer of breakfast sausage. Jimmy Dean is offering to pay paparazzi $500 for photos of people “doing everyday good deeds for others.”

Why? According to the company website, “if we all start our morning right, there’s no telling what we’ll be inspired to do.”

It’s a pretty unorthodox way to peddle sausage. Which, undoubtedly, is the point.

There are only so many ways that Jimmy Dean’s ad agency can talk about the brand’s ingredients or its heritage. (As a creative director, I’ve endured plenty of brainstorm sessions with topics like that. They can be excruciating.)

And something tells me the ingredients and heritage aren’t much to crow about, anyway.

So why not take a different tack? I for one score this tack as a win.

At the very least, it’s got me writing — and you reading — about Jimmy Dean. Two things that don’t happen very often.

And if the campaign manages to make the world a kinder, friendlier place — even a little — well, that’s a real coup.

Especially for a breakfast sausage.

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