What you get out of giving

Confession: I’ve never been the best gift giver in the world.


As a child of borderline hoarders, I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of accumulating stuff.

Plus I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m a bit of a tightwad.

This Christmas season, however, all that’s going to change. Because I just learned that giving gifts is good for my health.

According to studies conducted by the University of California, Davis, and the Corporation for National and Community Service, people who give gifts tend to exercise more than people who don’t. They’re less likely to smoke and develop heart disease. They sleep better and experience lower rates of anxiety.

Best of all, they live longer, happier lives.

So in the next few days, I’m baking cookies for my gardener. I’m getting a tie for my tennis instructor. And I’m buying socks for my office parking lot attendant.

They, and everyone else on my list, will be getting presents. But the one receiving the real gift will be me.

Source: nytimes.com, huffingtonpost.com, besthealthmag.com

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