SIMPEX — Cryptocurrency Exchange, Instant Payments and Secure Wallet Application

Simpex is a Fast, Secure and User Friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange, Instant Payments and Secure Wallet Application for Desktop, Mobile and Web.

Simpex Cryptocurrency Exchange focuses on the most important aspects
of a modern user-oriented platform, which is ease of use, user
experience, user interaction, security, liquidity and sustainability.

Simpex offers a very low 0.05% fee when the fee is paid in SPX Tokens if
user transact in SPX tokens and a 0.075% fee when other coins or token
 are used to pay exchange fees.

Simpex Exchange will have 20+ cryptocurrencies integrated from the first
day of exchange launch, cryptocurrencies considered to start with are:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Stellar, Cardano,
IOTA, Tron, NEO, Monero, Dash, NEM, Ethereum Classic, OmiseGO, ZCash,
Lisk, Verge, Nano, Stratis, Ark, PIVX and Electroneum. Simpex Exchange
will also have 2 fiat currencies: USD and EURO added as pairs for SPX and
top 3 cryptocurrencies. Simpex Exchange is planned to offer Credit / Debit
Card and Paypal as payment option for buying SPX Tokens.

Target Markets
Simpex Exchange targets users who are usually beginners with an easy
and secure way to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, users
who find other exchanges too complicated, not very secure, expensive to
transact and trade on.

SimpexPay is a very secure instant payment as off-chain transactions
payment gateway, for very low fees in SPX Tokens. SimpexPay will have a
wide variety of plugins for eCommerce platforms and easy-to-integrate
Payment Gateway. SimpexPay solves the biggest problems with
Cryptocurrency payments, such as: slow transactions, which is the
biggest barrier of adoption to real-world payments, high fees and a very
limited amount of payment gateway integration.

Using the Simpex Desktop or Mobile Application, under SimpexPay you
can send, receive and import SPX tokens from Exchange, Paper or
Hardware Wallets. Users can send or pay with SPX Tokens from their
SimpexPay Balance by scanning the QR-code of the wallet they want to
send tokens to or type in the SimpexPay wallet address of the receiver.
The transaction times usually takes up to 10s.

For Merchants
SimpexPay will have a WooCommerce plugin extension from the first day
of SimpexPay launch and plugins / payment gateway integrations for all
major eCommerce platforms, without fees for accepting SPX Tokens.

Fees and Limitations
SimpexPay transaction fee for sending between 1 and 10.000 SPX Tokens
is only 1%, for sending between 10.001 and 50.000 SPX is 0.5%. The
maximum amount to be sent is limited to 50.000 SPX for legal and
security reasons.

Simpex Application will have a built-in Wallet, which is separate from your Exchange Wallet, so the private keys are completely controlled by the Simpex Wallet App’s user and the wallet is secured by three-factor authentication.


Token Symbol: SPX
Token Protocol: ERC20
Decimals: 18
Maximum Supply: 100.000.000
Tokensale Total Supply: 70.000.000
Smart Contract: 0xdE75c649AEf577CA35C407F31f8568B644d531d8
Tokensale Smart Contract Address: 0x80BEAF1B85c2bA0725F2aa3E726A0E29E7c296f3
Tokensale Accepted Currency: Ethereum

SPX Token is a multipurpose Cryptocurrency which was built to be the native currency of the Simpex Cryptocurrency Exchange and SimpexPay Payment Gateway.

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