Made on the iPad Pro, using the Apple Pencil, Adobe draw and Affinity Designer for iPad.

So let’s start from the beginning. I was in my third and final year of study as a Communication Designer and I had pretty much had one final project to submit before the year ended…probably the most important project of the year. We were about a week in with the project and I felt I was making some great progress on the project, and at this point I had everything planned and I’m not sure how the saying goes but…”you make plans and life laughs”. This saying couldn’t have been more fitting when I had my HP Laptop, Camera and…

Coming into 2018, I never imagined a year so unpredictable. Ever so often when we lead the lives we do trying to make a living, it becomes so easy to forget to reflect and when we do reflect we only chose to celebrate the highlights for social media to see.

Not only are these highlights further from the true human experience but they also put unnecessary pressure on each of us to compare and count each other’s blessings while forgetting to recognize our own that right in front of us.

As an artist/creative it’s easy to fall into this trap…


I am Simphiwe Mangole, a designer / illustrator and a general maker of things. With a passion for delivering thoughtful image making and design solutions.

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