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Some people can get you up, some get you down.

Here’s a list of things that leaders do to make me feel empowered, motivated, and evolve:

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TLDR: Upload the google takeout watch-history.html here:

Google, Facebook, Youtube and so many more apps/services that we use daily are storing everything that we do with these services (time, place, duration, scope, etc).

With the GDPR closing up, we should be able to take our data back, but what can we do with it?

I think I will make a series on how I use my downloaded data from these services to make my life better, but for starters, I will show you how I use my Youtube data to find my most viewed videos from Youtube.


If you…

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Page transitions and swipe back gestures in single page applications.

Making a web app feel “native” is challenging, yet fun. It is challenging because browsers and their technology will fight you every step, fun because all front end developers are masochists in disguise.

This time, the challenge (I mean pain) was about navigating back and forward between our app’s screens using swipe left and swipe right. We did it because Facebook does it, and that is a valid reason.

Here are some things we ran into while trying to create a near native experience for our app.


Our app contains…

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Do you want to be able to listen Youtube playlists without switching to your browser tab? Want to skip a song using your keyboard shortcuts?

I do, so I’ve created an electron wrapper to help me with this problem.

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The list:


Photoswipe (

Intuitive touch gestures. Works on all tested devices by me (iOS and Android). Just a little bit harder to convince the back-end developers to send you the real image size to get setup going.


Magnific Popup (

Anything you’ll ever need from a modal plugin (Inline, ajax, videos, maps, images). As photoswipe, this plugin is created by Dmitry Semenov — Thank you for all the great work!

Form validation

Parsleyjs (

Easy to integrate, simple API, internationalization and very good UX.

Infinite scroll

Infinite AJAX Scroll (

History, Masonry + many more options to get you up and running in…

Create sprites fast for both normal and retina screens



Recently I had to create a UI that contained tons of icons and since this is a project that will have to go down to IE8 and up to the finest Retina display, the two options I had were: Font Icons or CSS sprites.

I love font icons, I used them a bunch of times, but I don’t really like how the implementation goes and to update any icon font is a hard task if you don’t use a service like icomoon.


For this to work we need to have installed SASS and…

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