Her Journey to Save (Book one in Her Journey to Save series)

She layed in her bed, awake, unmoving.

What was going to happen?

Her father had been taken away by W.I.D.Z., was that going to happen to her mother too? Did her parents hold the answer to why so many people had been getting sick?

Why had her mother not woken her up?

She sat upright, feeling somewhat dazed, was it sickness?

Was she getting sick?

She quietly walked down the stairs to her parents room, empty.

Jackie’s room,empty.


Where was everyone? Did W.I.D.Z. want to take everyone she loved away from her?

She went upstairs knowing what to do she grabbed a bag, extra change of clothes, her fathers keys,her mothers pearl necklace, and Jackie’s blanket.

She walked around feeling more sick, was it hunger?

She went into the kitchen grabbing a banana, chewing it softy, as her eyes filled with tears.

Would they torture her family for answers?

Was it her fault?

The floor beneath her rumbled, this had been going on for ages now.

It felt like everytime she made a mistake the earth died, was it true?

She closed the blinds locked the doors and left.

Was she going to miss her little life?

She quickened her pace feeling like someone was watching her.

Another rumble.

She hurried realizing she had been walking for 3 hours.

Hunger swept over her. She forgot food! What kind of a person forgets to bring food?

Her heart sped up, what was she going to do without food? She saw an open,yet empty, store. As she walked towards the door her knees buckled sending her into a face plant.

Another rumble.

She stood up, brushed the dust off her jeans, annoyed because of the hole in her jeans now, and walked into the store.

She wandered aimlessly, around the aisles thinking of what to get. She settled on a ham sandwich,a couple bags of chips,water, a jacket, a sleeping bag, and fruit snacks.She stopped in her tracks seeing 3 men come in. One looked like the store manager and as for the other two she saw a flash of a red patch on their shirts. W.I.D.Z. symbols…

“THERE WERE THREE GOLDSTEINS. I TELL YOU!” A W.I.D.Z. worker yelled making her flinch.

“IMPOSSIBLE!” The store manger ooking dude roared back,”When the family goes on vacation, they always stop here! There have ALWAYS been 2 young girls, a mother,and a father, don’t you dare call me a crazy old hag! It ain’t hallucinations.” The manager ended throwing oblivious looks at the two workers.

Her heart stopped for what seemed like a eternity.

“We Got Margot, James,and Jackie Goldstein, but if you see the girl tell us.” The other worker said.

“Her name is Violet, brown hair, bright green eyes scar on the cheek,” the manager mumbled looking at the mens faces,”What you might want to know what she looks like, if you wanna find her.” the manager shrugged off the mens stares.

She tip- toed outside then broke in to a run finding herself in the midst of a forest. She slowed down to a walk, thirsty, and tired.

She sat down and caught her breath, realizing it was only the beginning of her journey to rescue her family.

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