The Ultimate Meditation Playlist For Women

In honour of International Women’s Day, Simple Habit will release a new #womenbywomen project — the first-ever playlist of of guided meditations created specifically for women by women.

Psychologists, leadership experts, executive coaches and professors. These are just some of the titles earned by the Simple Habit meditation teachers who came together to create guided meditations series to both celebrate women and help them with common stress sources. Some of the new series include:

Celebrate Being A Woman — Julie Murphy (Play Now)

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Dealing With Sexual Assault — Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone (Play Now)

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Dealing With Sexual Harassment — Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone (Play Now)

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Resilience for Women— Shalini Bahl (Play Now)

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For Teen Girls — Cheryl Brause (Play Now)

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Simple Habit Founder & CEO Yunha Kim believes there is a ton of untouched territory where female-specific pain points can be met by apps and technology created from the lens of fellow women. Simple Habit worked closely with teachers Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone, Cheryl Brause, Julie Murphy and Shalini Bahl on this #womenbywomen project.

Beyond this special project, Simple Habit is a meditation app with the most extensive offering of female-focused meditations that address fertility, sex, women’s health and female empowerment. These bite-sized meditations focus on common situations and moods, and examples include Resilience For Women, Overcoming Orgasm Anxiety For Women, Relaxing Into Pregnancy and PMS.

Join Simple Habit in celebrating this International Women’s Day. Tell us why you meditate and tag #womenbywomen

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