As the world’s leading automotive and intelligent transportation technology and service providers, Bosch diesel with a series of innovation system solutions at the 2015 Shanghai international auto show, is suitable for the economical type passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and minivans CRS1–18 common rail system, common rail system CRS2–20 and exhaust gas aftertreatment systems Denox5 help oems to realize China fourth stage fuel consumption regulation and more stringent emission standards.

China’s six years in a row in the world’s largest car market.In all models, the domestic consumer preference for the suv and multifunctional car especially, makes the two models in the domestic market sales of the fastest growth models.In 2014, suv sales increased by 36% compared with 2013.Will take effect in 2016, the fourth stage of the passenger car fuel consumption evaluation methods and indicators to further enhance the passenger car fuel consumption standards, regulations, the average new passenger car fuel consumption by 2020 should be reduced to 5 litres per hundred kilometers, of energy conservation and emissions reduction for the automobile industry has brought the huge challenge, more make suvs and multi-function car body weight, such as higher passenger cars are pressing technology upgrading needs.

Application of diesel cars become a effective way to achieve the goal of the present automobile company.Thanks to the diesel common rail technology to achieve high combustion efficiency, diesel cars compared to the same level of gasoline vehicles, fuel consumption can be reduced by 25% on average.With excellent performances in the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, diesel cars in the global auto market has been widely recognized, the current in the European market, 80% of the registered new SUV models for diesel vehicles.Currently, equipped with Bosch high-pressure common rail system of vehicle fuel consumption have fuel consumption standard can meet the four stages, such as the name of the saic jue 6 can reach hundreds of kilometers of 5.3 litres of fuel consumption, the east wind well-off scenery can realize hundred kilometers fuel consumption five liters.

“Continuous development and progress of clean diesel technology is power cars meet the fourth stage fuel consumption of the feasible solution.”Bosch diesel systems in China and President of Bosch automotive diesel systems co., LTD., general manager of Wang Weiliang said.”Bosch will continue to increase investment, and is dedicated to helping local customers to meet the escalating emissions and fuel consumption standards.”
During this session of Shanghai international auto show, as many as 19 domestic and foreign well-known automobile enterprises production diesel models.Economy, environmental protection, and can meet the emission regulations of escalating fuel consumption standard of clean diesel technology there is still a huge development potential, is helping transform the upgrading of China’s automobile industry and the sustainable development of effective solutions.