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May 29, 2015, Linde Hydraulics — China Weifang plant commissioning ceremony was held at the Weifang Industry Park. Chairman Tan Xuguang high tube team, and all the way from Germany Linde Hydraulics company’s management team, and Linde Hydraulics (China) factory workers, witnessed this exciting moment in history. New plant not only means Weichai hydraulics business has taken a solid step, but also means that China Weifang with the production capacity of the world’s most advanced hydraulic parts, Weichai hand in hand Linde “Weichai recreating a” dream of a powerful Practice.

Linde Hydraulics CEO Ulrich gave a warm speech. Ulrich behalf of Linde management team, support team Weichai given to express my sincere thanks. The new plant will reduce production costs and shorten time to market, and with the collaboration and Weifang full range of resources, greatly enhance the Linde Hydraulics of procurement, manufacturing, service capabilities, and fully meet the needs of Chinese customers for Linde Hydraulics to develop the Chinese market and lay a solid foundation. (sinotruk parts, howo parts) The smooth operation of the new plant is the German team to cooperate with another strong practice. Future efforts of both sides, Linde Hydraulics will continue to “power into action” in order to promote European quality in China and the Asia-Pacific market development.

CEO of Weichai State Anxiety traced to the presence of guests to join the two sides of history, as well as a good basis for cooperation preliminary and said Weichai Linde Hydraulics will continue to support the development, based Weichai has rich resources, strengthen coordination, help Linde Hydraulics become the world’s best manufacturers of hydraulic powertrain.

In 2012, Weifang Diesel transnational restructuring Linde Hydraulics, both teams made the hydraulics business for the Group’s strategic business positioning, identified Linde Hydraulics will “build for the whole series, the whole field, the world’s leading technology, the bit Hydraulic powertrain manufacturer among the world top two “strategic vision, and establish a hydraulic business platform” Rebuilding a (howo truck parts) Weichai Power “ambitions. However, Linde Hydraulics business how landing in China market? How the European advanced technology combined with low-cost Chinese manufacturing? How strategic emerging businesses create synergy with the Group’s competitive industries? Has been a joint effort to advance direction.

After much argument, the two sides reached a consensus: the establishment of a joint venture in Weifang, and invest in the construction of hydraulic plant, in order to accelerate the process of domestic high-end hydraulic parts, so that “European quality + China cost” Weichai landing wheel drive mode.
It is reported that Linde Hydraulics (China) was founded in 2014 by Linde Hydraulics Co., Ltd. and Weifang Diesel Co. KG and co-financing to build, is a high-end high pressure hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and other products design, production and sales joint ventures. The company will rely on Linde deep technical and manufacturing base, as well as the advantage of local resources Weichai Power, through the localization of R & D, manufacturing and application development for (sinotruk parts catalog, howo parts catalog) Chinese customers to provide engineering support in the field of machinery at the core of high-end hydraulic parts and systems solutions, European high-end technology at a lower cost, better service, better products to the Chinese customer experience.

Currently, the new plant covers an area of ​​5,500 square meters, according to the project plan, the first phase to build a production line and a test platform for the end of this year, it will go to build an assembly line, with 8,000 units / year production capacity; (howo repuestos, sinotruk repuestos) to 2017, will be completed 6 production lines, construction of 10 test units, with production capacity of a full range of Linde Hydraulics products, integrated production capacity to 100,000 units.