The 16th 2015 Shanghai auto show is about to pull open the curtain, the Shanghai auto show for the first time to national conference and exhibition center, the auto show size will be more big.With the approaching of the opening date, the audience’s eyes began to focus on the auto enterprises will attend the Shanghai auto show.Imported truck brand is often a lot of the focus of attention of the audience, but the reporter understands from auto show in front, and different from the past, this year’s Shanghai motor show to import trucks are absent.Less import trucks, auto show much less can highlight? (sinotruk parts, howo parts, howo truck parts)

Reporter for each big commercial vehicle companies show in front of the action, found that on the evening of April 17, an officer chart of exposure, instant triggered many card friends attention.It is reported, this life for “a new truck” officer figure images of dongfeng liu steam at the Shanghai auto show is a new strategic heavy platform products — lapras H7, from its triggered heated debate is not hard to guess, it will be a big attraction of the Shanghai auto show.

In order to meet the card to the curiosity of friends, the reporter show opened, on April 18, decided to liu steam commercial vehicle platform.From the site to display the brand see lapras H7 parameters, the new 6 x 4 lapras H7 model car weight is only 7.6 tons, was surprised that the reporter, because the present domestic mainstream of horsepower heavy weight of 8.5 tons or more, 8 tons the following international auto show in Europe and the international brand paint only appears, in the eyes of professional audiences, with this, can be amazing full lapras H7!This car look, high strength and structure optimization design, the application of aluminum alloy material, air suspension, etc. New technology, journalists feel lapras H7 international design team really realy. (sinotruk parts, howo parts, howo truck parts)

Imported truck is absent, the rise of independent brands, can yet be regarded as an interesting topic.In 2014, in the domestic auto market decline in the overall growth of the situation, liu steam become one of the few domestic in cold snap mediator positive growth of independent brand enterprises.At the scene of the “2015” the first China independent brand summit, dongfeng liu steam, managing Cheng Daoran took over the “2015 China top brands”, “2015 top ten leading figures with independent brand of the first China” two component “autonomous trophy”, extremely is independent brand of dongfeng liu steam development of a certain.As with independent brand of dongfeng liu steam a milestone in the development of new products, lapras H7 certainly strengthen the high-end quality and image of the dongfeng liu steam, but also to the spirit of independent brand of dongfeng liu steam in-depth interpretation and sublimation.

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