Try This 5-Exercise Bodyweight Workout While Traveling

I’m wearing sneakers here, but you won’t need them to exercise in your hotel room!

As a fitness studio owner, one of the most frequent requests I hear is for workouts to perform while traveling and unable to make it to class. I have several go-to workouts that I recommend to people, and am always coming up with new ones to try while I’m on the road too. And since I thoroughly enjoy packing light (if I can’t fit everything I need in my backpack, I may even contemplate not going!), the workouts I personally perform while traveling require no equipment, no additional workout threads, and can be performed right in my hotel room.

As long as you’re packing underwear, you’ll have everything you need to perform this workout. You can use your phone for a timer/stopwatch and a favorite 4–5 song playlist.

The following five movements, when used together and performed at a high intensity, will help burn calories and build strength, without the monotony of a hotel gym elliptical machine.

Here are the movements we’ll be using for the workout. If any are unfamiliar, head to my YouTube page for brief demos of each.

My favorite! Many love them, many completely abhor them — but they work! If forced to use only one exercise ever again, I’m choosing the burpee.

Jumping Lunge
Incorporating a jump to this lower body burner elevates the heart rate and engages fast-twitch muscle fibers — the ones used for explosive movements, like sprinting.

Mainly an upper body exercise, but when performed correctly, with straight legs, engages the posterior chain, predominantly the hamstrings. Including a pushup in this one will target the upper body — chest, shoulders, arms, and midsection.

The best lower body movement around, and a staple of everyday life. It’s difficult to function on a daily basis without squatting, so doing this one for reps and speed will help you do a lot of things better. It helps with posture, flexibility, and overall strength.

Mountain Climber
This upper body-focused movement mimics the motion of running by pumping the legs as quickly as possible, but from a high plank position. When performed for high reps, this one sneakily begins to burn the midsection!

To put it all together, perform the following circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes. Record the number of rounds completed so you have a target for next time.

5 burpees
10 jumping lunges
5 inchworms
10 squats
20 mountain climbers

You’ll never outgrow this workout — you can always try to complete more rounds, or use more difficult variations of the movements (one-legged burpees anyone?). Last time I did this one, I completed just over 9 rounds. Give it a shot on your next trip!

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