Clearing AWS certs might not be as time-consuming as you think, given the right preparation strategy

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My software career has been more focused on application development, and I’ve never been a real DevOps guy. However, many of my projects at Pariveda Solutions back in the Bay and my first company in Tokyo had heavily leveraged AWS services, so the thought of obtaining certs had crossed my mind several times over the years. Back in April of this year (2021), I finally got myself to pursue the Certified Solutions Architect-Associate. There were two main motivations for doing so:

  1. To become familiar with at least one cloud platform — I believe that any technologist these days, whether application…

Great post Ezra! Personally when I took the exams, I felt that elimination and keyword scanning were two super important techniques, since time is usually very limited.

Keep up the good content!

Beck Chen

Software dude, violinist, watch-modding enthusiast. Currently residing in Tokyo

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