3 Reasons why IIT-BHU is unlike any other IIT

1. Motorized vehicles

All kinds- a scooter from the 60’s to Duke 200s, Royal Enfields. Although motorized vehicles are banned inside the campus premises, a lot of people have them. One of my seniors even had a car. Pretty impressive, huh? None of the other IITs would allow you this luxury. Believe me, my friends at Delhi and Bombay seldom go out of campus without any reason to do so. Juniors, you could call Jeet here, if that sounds too awesome to be true.

You could flaunt your bike when you go on that first date, or just enjoy the ghats at a quiet winter night with your friends.

2. They get stolen sometimes

Yeah, We regularly receive emails from the DoSA about a cycle lost near the library or a bike allegedly having been stolen from the hostel parking (Aryabhatta hostel’s parking premises shown in the picture). You have to bear this in mind.

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3. Awesome mess food

The hostel food is really good. Though I shed a ton of weight, this was not because of the mess food. There are a lot of options for variety- your Hostel mess, A south Indian mess and a Jain mess.
 People at some hostels at Bombay, Delhi, Madras crib about the food there and most of them prefer to eat a meal at the canteen or an eatery around.

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