3 reasons you should call a senior right now

The last round of JOSAA and the 2nd iterations of BITS campuses have been declared. A couple of years ago, we were in the same dilemma- choose the IIT tag or a stream at the exotic BITS campuses (Yeah, Goa enticed us too). We know some of you may still be confused and want to just get into the college “perfect for you”. There is no “perfect college” in the absolute sense of the phrase, not even IIT-B :P

You have to set your priorities and clearly, figure out your expectations from the choices that you’re getting.Hope you have made a distinct picture of that life in your mind. Hold on, no need to worry, if you haven’t done that yet, neither have most of your batch-mates. There’s still a very simple and easy way to do it- CALL A SENIOR.

Here’s why you should do it right now-

1.Personalized attention

Counseling and talking to a senior would clear all your doubts in 15–20 minutes. They will hear you patiently and will understand your interests and expectations from the available choices.

2. Trust and quality- Verified seniors

Forums on social media websites might have people who are not right to answer your doubts, leading to incorrect, irrelevant advice, which you’ll regret taking. A person studying at one of the IITs for instance,can’t convey precise information about a NIT or a BITS campus .

Talking to just the right person will help you in making a confident decision.

3.Instant satisfaction

Seniors currently pursuing one of the courses that you’re confused between have a 360-degree view of the college and hence qualify as the perfect person to get your doubts cleared. They faced the exact same confusion and have been there and done that. This will leave no scope for doubt.

The best time to call a senior was yesterday.The next best time is today. Visit https://goo.gl/Mi5s2n to Call a Senior now!

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