Celebrating Education. Celebrating Independence.

A couple of days ago, somebody asked us- Why is the standard of education in India so poor?
An incessant query in the heart of millions of Indians. The vicious cycle.

We dug deeper. This is what the stats from the website of MHRD tell us — We have a huge shortage of teachers in higher education institutes across the country. Thus there is an urgent need for students to be completely informed. Counseling from the most relevant people could help them achieve their expectations.

We have come a long way in developing educational institutions across every nook and corner in the country, but we are not stopping here. Check out this interesting info-graphic.

Stats on Education in India

It is pretty evident that when it comes to teachers, higher education in India has a long way to go. Teachers need to be counseled on how to bring out the best in students with the resources already available. Colleges need to more robust, aligned with the ever changing world. And the students need to select the college, which is perfect for him.

We’re very optimistic about how we go about revolutionizing it.India has a long way to go, when it comes to education. But it’s improving. Curricula are changing- schools, colleges, even online. Education is on the path to be totally democratized. And here lies the opportunity- for rich and poor alike.
Check out the guide on how to choose the college perfect for you in 15 minutes — https://goo.gl/URJZY6

Happy Independence Day!