Do what you love

This seems to be the most common single line advice that people have — for anything. Your 8 year old cousin to the Sharmaji next door — they’ll throw you this sentence like tomatoes at the la tomatina. You might have wondered- what does this mean exactly? What is it that I love ? How do I figure it out ? How do I select a college which would foster my passion, instead of suppressing it?

Here are 3 very effective ways to find your passion and pursue it-

  1. Just do it
    Rather than spending time planning for that “perfect” opportunity and time, just dive right into it. Browse the internet, google what you don’t know. The internet is a huge world of unimaginable resources. There’s literally about nothing that you won’t find an answer to. Just take that first step, others will follow.

2. Travel and Explore

This is probably the best way to get exposed to a variety of cultures and jobs. Great people like Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling have found their life’s mission, while traveling. Mark Twain said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Here’s a list of people who made it big- after discovering that “day” -

3. Talk to people — And rise after falling

The best way to know about a particular field of work is to talk to someone, who has been there, done that. If you’re reading this, you better do it right now. Once you are at a college perfect for you, your passion and interests will blossom. You might now ask how do I find the college perfect for myself? It’s simple- Call a senior! From the college and stream you wish to pursue. They’ll give you relevant advice and a personalized recommendation, outlining steps, bringing you closer to that dream college of yours. Here’s how you should do it —

You can try calling a senior at , for help in finding your passion, enabling you to do what you love.