Some advice that helped me that might help you.

Online dating has become a norm the past few years and with the quarantine, more people are connecting online even more. Some have found love through dating websites and even in video games.

I started playing Elder Scrolls Online about three years shortly after the Morrowind chapter came out. I didn’t plan on meeting new people since I was playing the game for the storyline, not to connect with anyone. Next thing I knew, I made a few friends and joined their little guild, but I left after being with them for a little less than a year. Thanks to another friend, I joined another guild that was a lot different than the last one. …

If it’s up to them, it’ll be a few years before they tell us details because Starfield is top priority…also what is Starfield?

It was the tweet heard around the world among Elder Scrolls fans…we will not be hearing anything about the Elder Scrolls 6 for a few years.

Seriously, this was said by Pete Hines AKA The Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for Bethesda.

I was stalking around on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch, and could not find anything else about Elder Scrolls 6. …

You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it! Various lists of anime shows that deserve a reboot or a remake. I consider myself a huge fan of what is now considered “old school” anime. While some shows like Cowboy Bebop shouldn’t be touched or remade, there are some shows that deserve to be remade and I’m going to list why.

WARNING! Some spoilers ahead!

Yu Yu Hakusho

First on this list is what I consider a great anime. Yu Yu Hakusho is about Yusuke Urameshi, a middle school delinquent that has a bad reputation, who sacrifices himself to save a child from a car that almost runs over him. Doing this has…some complications to say the lease. See, Yusuke WASN’T supposed to die and he’s kind of thrown the Spirit World in for a loop. …

I’ve been going make-up free for about a year and a half after almost 7–8 years of working in the beauty and spa industry. After years of wearing it, and some inspiration from my favorite YouTuber of all time, Michelle Phan, I decided to try and go au naturel.

Admittedly, it has been…. mildly successful. While I feel great and love that my morning routine is a LOT shorter, I still require some maintenance. Eyelashes need to be curled, eyebrows need to be brushed and set, and lips need to be hydrated. …


Sarah Prado

Lover of skin care and sheet mask hoarder. I also play video games and read.

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