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How to Define Your Brand To Stand Out From the Crowd

Former Nike and Starbucks executive Scott Bedbury said, “A brand is a story always being told”.

What story are you telling with your brand?

A good friend of mine loved my business name. In fact, whenever she was asked what she lived by she would say “I like to keep it simple — Simple Steps, do things simple, take simple steps.”

A good brand story is something that people still talk about when you’ve left the room. It’s the impression that you leave people with.

Your brand story should…

If someone says social media strategy is easy, it means one of three things:

They’re automating their strategy.
They have someone else carrying out their strategy for them.
OR They’re selling you something (a course, a guide, or their services).

To reap the rewards, you have to put in the work. Simple, right? Well, it’s easier said than done. After all, the biggest problem is… where do you start?

Identifying your audience

You need to find out who your ideal client is and why.

Do yourself a favour — Don’t guess!

Small businesses never make it off the ground if…

Tracey Aramoana — Simple Steps NZ

A blank screen — challenge accepted. Freelancer with word crafting & social media abilities.

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