Vainglory Stats — A Compilation of Useful Hero Attributes

I have compiled a useful list of hero attributes concerning each and every aspect, through levels 1–12 where necessary and applying a gradient in order to achieve a more appealing comparison.

They can be used for a variety of different purposes — whether it is to satisfy the individual whim or to offer an in-depth look into determining the best components for early-aggression, the range of charts here will be glad to accommodate your request.

So, without further ado:

Health at Level One
Health at Level Twelve
Effective Health Pool at Level One
Effective Health Pool at Level Twelve
Energy at Level One (note those with ‘0’ energy utilise different forms of said attribute)
Energy at Level Twelve (note those with ‘0’ energy utilise different forms of said attribute)
Armor at Level One
Armor at Level Twelve
Shield at Level One
Shield at Level Twelve
Weapon Power at Level One
Weapon Power at Level Twelve
Attack Speed at Level One (exciting, I know)
Attack Speed at Level Twelve
Hero Move Speed
Hero Auto-Attack Range
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