In the fast-paced, evolving world of software development keeping your developers engaged in your development platform will likely determine how successful your company can be. The reason is simple: Losing developers is a platform killer. Think Blackberry or Windows Phone. No apps means no customers.

Because of this companies spend enormous amounts of effort building tools, fostering communities and creating ecosystems that empower their developers’ creativity in order to woo them to their platforms, retain them and keep them engaged.

As you probably know, Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems in 2010, and one of Sun’s biggest assets was the Java programming…

Software development has changed over the years and the methodologies used have changed along with it, advancing as new tools become available.

The development cycle has mostly remained unchanged:

  1. Meet with the customer to get requirements
  2. Develop something
  3. Show the customer
  4. Goto step 1

Developing using the Waterfall methodology meant the cycle could take months or even years depending how complex the software was. If something was wrong there would be a change request or a trouble report created and the code would (hopefully) be fixed and then shown to the customer again.

Agile development was transformational and has led…


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